Green Smoke Disposable Review

I’ve been putting off getting a Green Smoke disposable e cigarette due to the fact you have to buy them in a pack of six rather than being able to shell out 10 bucks for a single. I’ve always been a big fan of Green Smoke regular starter kits though and was interested in trying one of these to see if they could equal the quality of their other products.

Green Smoke have been making e cigarettes for over three years and have built up an enviable reputation for delivering products which are the best on the market. Over the years they have had a few problems with their batteries but on the whole their e cigs have been well received by smokers looking to get off tobacco. The one downside to the company is that they take so long to bring new products onto the market, but when they do appear they tend to be a cut above what everyone else is offering. For this reason I was expecting a lot from their disposable as it took them long enough to make it available :)


Anyway, I finally decided to bite the bullet and order a pack of disposables so that I could try them for myself, and so that I could do a review for this website. Lets see how the Green Smoke matches up to the other disposable e cigs I’ve tried out so far.

Go to the Green Smoke shop and you will see their disposables, which they call “Vapors”, are on sale at $57.99 for a six pack in any mix you want of Absolute Tobacco and Menthol flavors. Although I’m more of a tobacco flavor man I decided to get a couple of Menthol vapors so I could do a more full review, and because it’s nice to have a change once in a while.

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absolute-tobacco-vapors disposable e cigarette

The first thing you notice about the ‘Vapors’ product is that it is very nicely packaged with the companies logo and all the necessary information about what you have bought. The plastic and cardboard pack is also surprisingly easy to open thanks to the perforation on the back. You just have to bend the pack slightly and the product will pop out without too much effort.


The second thing I noticed, which I wasn’t expecting, was that this is a two piece disposable with a separate battery and cartomizer. The cart comes wrapped in it’s own little foil container to keep it fresh and looks exactly like the amazing carts you get with the regular Green Smoke starter kits. This bodes very well for the quality of smoking experience you’re about enjoy when you use it.


Vapors Compared to a Large Regular Green Smoke

Although they look exactly the same as the regular carts they actually have a slightly different thread so they are not interchangeable with the rechargable batteries from this company.

The battery also looks quite similar to the normal Green Smoke component, the only difference being that it is plain white without the light gray stripes, and it is branded with a special “disposable” logo. Looking at the size of the battery it is just a touch smaller then the large battery which ships with the Pro starter kit from their website.

Greensmoke Vapors Vs Regular Battery

Vapor Compared to Small Regular Green Smoke

Vaping on “Vapors”

In my humble opinion Green Smoke make the best cartomizers on the market and when you realize their disposable uses the same carts and e-liquid you are in no doubt this is going to offer a superior smoke. When I took my first puff on it was not disappointed, this disposable smokes exactly the same as the company’s non-disposable products and is streets ahead of the other e cigs I have reviewed for this website.

The Green Smoke disposable requires just the right amount of effort to take a draw from, very similar to a real cigarette. The taste when the vapor hits your mouth is extremely satisfying so that if you are used to e cigs from most other manufacturers you are going to be gob smacked at how good these guys taste.


Throat hit is awesome too, not harsh like some but not so subtle that you start to wonder if it’s actually working. There’s just enough to emulate the effect of a tobacco cigarette so you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything.

If you have read much about Green Smoke online or tried their products for yourself then I don’t really need to comment too much on the vapor production of these bad boys. All I have to say is that the “Vapors” product really lives up to it names and provides more vapor than you could ever need.

Both the flavors offered are exceptionally good. Although I pretty much always opt for tobacco type flavors these days the Menthol “Vapors” are literally a breathe of fresh air. The minty taste is very strong and you feel like you are smoking a mint as the back of throat gets blasted with a torrent of menthol goodness. Green Smoke definitely have the best Menthol flavor of the available disposables and I recommend you include at least one in your order to try it for yourself.

How long do these disposable e cigarettes last?

If you are going to buy disposable e cigarettes then it’s important that they last long enough to do the job intended. For me a disposable is the perfect product to use when I’m on a night out with friends so I need it to last at least as long as a pack of 20 tobacco sticks. Most disposables will easily last long enough for this use and “Vapors” are no exception. I have actually been using my Absolute Tobacco Vapor for the last couple of days more or less exclusively and it’s still going strong so .

Most companies would have a problem creating a long lasting two piece disposable using their regular carts because of the size of them. Green Smoke on the other hand use a slightly larger cart for all their products so there is more e-liquid in there to provide long lasting smoke.


The Green Smoke disposable cigarette is a real winner in terms of quality and should be on your potential buys list. The only problem with them is that you have to buy six at a time so if you are looking for a cheap disposable simply to give the e cig a try then you might want to look elsewhere. One the other hand if you are looking for an e cigarette you can take out with you to the bar and not worry about losing your regular stater kit then there is no better choice on the market at the moment.

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If you are just looking to buy a single cheap disposable e cigarette then check out the review of the Premium product below.

V2 Disposables Review

I’ve had a couple of V2 disposable e cigarettes sitting in my drawer for the last month waiting to be reviewed and finally find myself with a little time to crack open the packet and give these products a try. I’ve been looking forward to testing these products out as I’ve enjoyed using this companies regular e cigs in the past and I know how popular they are with the vaping community.

The packaging of the V2 has been very nicely implemented. Your single disposable comes in a clean looking clear plastic box about 5 inches long branded with the familiar V2 logo. On the back there’s some information about the product, ingredients list, and a coupon code to get you a 15% discount on your next purchase.


Happily the V2 is also very easy to open without the use of scissors or a sharp knife, a change from the annoying packaging many electronic products seem to come in these days.


Like those available from Green Smoke you can choose between a tobacco flavor or menthol when ordering these. Both flavors are very nice and which you choose will come down to personal preference. Most people will do well to try both if they are ordering for the first time to see which they prefer. My favorite, as usual, is the tobacco option but I like to have a variety of flavors to hand when vaping in case I feel like a change.

V2 Menthol Disposable Pack

How Does It Vape?

Taking a draw on the V2 reveals a vaping experience which is as satisfying as I would have expected given my knowledge of this company’s regular starter kits. Taking a draw is as easy as it needs to be to ensure you can inhale enough vapor to make the effort worth it.

A slight negative I notice straight away is that the battery has an automatic cut off which kicks in after about 3 seconds. This isn’t a huge deal as a three second draw gives you enough of a hit to be satisfied. If I’m nitpicking though I would have liked to have seen an extra second of inhalation available for maximum vaping pleasure.

Vapor production is excellent on this little disposable, just about perfect to give you that sensation of smoking without the tar and carbon monoxide. Combine that with the juicy throat hit and you have product which lives up to the brands reputation, and one which you will be more than happy to puff on until it runs out of steam.

For me the V2 disposable isn’t quite up to the standard of the product sold by Green Smoke, but it’s definitely one of the best on the market at the moment.

How Long Does It Last?

The back of the pack claims the V2 dispoable should last you about as long as 40 cigarettes. In my view this is optimistic but all manufacturers seems to overstate just how long their cigs will last you. However this might be due to the fact that vapors take more draws than they would have when smoking real cigarettes.

I consider myself an average vapor in terms of the number of draws I take over the course of a day. I was a 20 a day smoker in the past but I definitely take more draws on an e cigarette than I use to on the real thing. With that in mind I found that the V2 disposable lasted me a little less an a full day of regular vaping.

How Big Are They?

Check out the photo below to see a comparison in size between the Green Smoke and V2 Disposables.

V2 disposable vs greensmoke

And here is one with the V2 next to a bulb of garlic just for fun :)

V2 e cig size compared to garlic

As you can see the V2 has a size advantage over it’s main competitor. This is mostly due to the fact the Green Smoke comes with a larger cartridge and needs a bigger battery to ensure it doesn’t run out of power before the e liquid runs dry. If size is important to you then opt for the V2, for an extended vaping experience pick the Greensmoke.

How Much Do They Cost

Pricing is an area in which the V2 is a step ahead of the Green Smoke Disposable option. Whereas with Green Smoke you get a pack of 6 for $59.97 V2 gives you the following options:

  • 3 Pack of Disposables – $24.94
  • 5 Pack of Disposables – $39.95
  • 10 Pack of Disposables – $74.95

If you are looking for high quality disposable e cig and don’t want to buy a pack of 6 or spend too much cash then V2 is currently your best option.

V2 Disposable E Cigarette

Should You Buy?

This product would be perfect for someone looking for a one time use e cig they can take with them on a night out as a social smokerm and of a bit higher quality than those offered by Premium and Apollo. If you want to vape full time then it would definitely be more economical to invest in a full starter kit, although you might want to give these a shot to help you decide if the V2 eliquids are to your particular taste. I personally prefer Green Smoke but can see the attraction of the V2 if you want to buy a smaller pack and don’t want to spend 60 bucks to find out if you like them.

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