Apollo Disposable Review

Buying an electronic cigarette is tough at the best of times, but when you are looking at disposable e cigarettes the job becomes a little bit harder as fewer manufacturers seem to offer them. Things are changing though as more retailers realize there is money to be made in this niche market. Many of us want a disposable smokeless cigarette that we can use at the weekend when we are out at the bar with friends, or to use on that long haul flight when we don’t want to have to do without nicotine.

One company that has really stepped up and is selling a product of which they can be proud of is Apollo. Apollo don’t just sell disposables, in fact they have quite a nice range including your regular e cigarette starter kits and e cigars. Its the disposable that have really gotten them a name for themselves though, as its something that you still can’t get from the bigger names on the Internet. If you are looking to get a one time use e cigarette then this is definitely one that should be on your shortlist.

Apollo claims that their disposable electric cigarette lasts for about 500 puffs, and my experience shows that’s pretty accurate. 500 puffs is about equivalent to 2 packs of regular cigarettes so one of these is perfect for someone who wants to take an electronic cig out on a night out, even if they happen to be a heavy smoker.

You get a real nice smooth draw out of these products, just like a high quality regular e cig from a standard starter pack. The flavor are great too, as you would expect from a company that makes a wide range of mid priced products.

There’s plenty of variety on offer too so that you can find one to suit your needs. You have a choice of black or white and three different nicotine strengths. Flavors to choose from are Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry and Vanilla.

If this is the first e-cigarette that you try that I’m positive that you will think it tastes better than the real thing. This is essential as there is nothing worse than a smoker getting their hands on a device that tastes terrible and doesn’t produce any vapor. The cheap disposable e cigarette by Apollo is a great choice for your first foray into the world of vaping. It will allow you to decide if the electronic cigarette is right for you while only spending 12 bucks. When you find out how much more enjoyable it is compared to tobacco you will have the confidence to spend that little bit more to get your hands on a full blown starter kit from one of the many quality manufacturers out there. Who knows, maybe you will like the Apollo disposable electronic cigarette so much that you will decide to buy their kit.

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